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What is BY-Club?

BY-Club is Believe-in-Yourself Club.

·     Be yourself  and don’t give up:

“Because life is too short to be anybody else” - That’s right, we were born having our own missions, and there are only us who can make it right. Just be yourself when you decide to do something, because there are only you who can know clearly what you should do, what you are good at. So you should spend all your energy, your will to achieve your goals. If we can’t achieve them, we can smile proudly because we tried our best.

Learning English is just the same. It’s not that English is a trend of our generation, a universal language, or a subject that we have to deal with. It will be very boring, difficult if you are not studying for yourself  but for someone else or for the society .Just be yourself while learning English,  look for your own prides when you achieve good results and you can rely on that reason of set goals for your life and study English better.

·     Believe in yourself, if you want to succeed:

“It’s your decision when you have no time to do it, to prove who you are in this world” - Believing in yourselfis the first step that leads to success. You have got to believe in yourself to make others believe in you. If you can’t even believe in what you can do, you will absolutely get 99% of failure. Just believe in yourself, you will find confidence after achieving a goal you have set, and you can have a solid basement for your considerable success in the future.

When you are attending the club, your goal is to improve your English skills, but you don’t believe in yourself, you just sit passively and don’t even give a mind on what everyone around is talking about. If you just keep in mind that you can’t and never can be good at English like others, you will lose your mind, and our club just can’t help you.

·     Try your best, we believe in you and we are inspired by you:

Our goal is to help you improve your English because we believe that we can do it, we believe in ourselves, we believe in you, too. So why don’t you even give yourself a try to do it?

We found all the ways, all the chances to help you. That’s why you should show us how you tried and you tried as your best. We found lots of experiences of predecessors to practice and to share with you. Because we can do it, we believe that you can do it, too. Give yourself a try to do what you love to, join our club to improve your skills. “Try to think of what to do, and do what you think of. We believe you.”

To maintain and develop stably, we need inspirations, motivations to overcome difficulties and challenges. Join us enthusiastically. Take all of the chances we gave to you, because others are trying to take those from you. A stable club is a club that participators always complete their tasks perfectly. It is a club that makes you feel comfortable, enthusiastic and excited. It is a club that we all believe in each other and have a good organization.


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